Be Kind to Self


1. Do what lights you up.

Our passions guide our work - it is imperative. We strive to live a life filled with the things that ignite us. Our philosophy: When what we love is just as important as what we do, that collision energizes our being and creates the best versions of ourselves.

2. Take time to pause.

Our inherent value is not tied to productivity. Our value is found in existing - and while we live in a world that collectively we must work within, we choose to take time to pause - even when what we do is really fun! It is imperative to pause: reflect, grow, recharge.

3. Compromise but don't be a doormat.

Working for the greater good does NOT make us a doormat. While it will remain at highest priority to work well amongst others; We maintain boundaries and non-negotiables in honoring ourselves - emotionally, physically, or verbally.

Purpose is a Process


4. People are our purpose.

People are our reason for being, our driving force behind why we do everything we do. Connecting Humanness is our largest ambition. We question every intention through the lens of "How is this helping others thrive? How is this promoting Humanity?"

5. We are all leaders.

We are all going in some direction, and we all have people following us (known and unknown) - We hold this with utmost value, and highly regard the accountability knowing this brings. We show up as authentic versions of ourselves, flaws and all. We own our mistakes with grace and dignity and always strive to be better than we were the day before.

6. Goals are a tool for building.

Goals are NOT our benchmark to gauge our success or failure, but rather as a necessary tool for guiding and building who we are. Goals are not static, but rather change and grow as we do, ever-evolving as we grow into who we are meant to be.

Our Differences Make Us Better


7. Celebrate diversity.

Our differences are not just important -- they are essential to who we are -- of what it means to be human. Therefore, we celebrate diversity, reveling in the beauty of what makes us all unique. It is this uniqueness that helps us grow.

8. Your point of view f&#%! matters!

Mic drop. Enough said. We all have a point of view and we all matter. We seek to always create a safe space for everyone to express themselves, to be their authentic and unique self without fear of judgment.

9. Ignorance - it's a "no" for me.

We embody empathy. We seek to understand and love each other, even those who we don’t agree with. However - we all have a breaking point - We draw the line at ignorance. Knowledge is power, and we encourage everyone to use knowledge to break out of their own ignorance.